Article 6

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Video Cards and Rendering

We are going to have a frank talk about the concept of digital "rendering; there are certainly realities for rendering when you start wanting to eclipse your earlier workflows.  Those realities are mind numbing as an indie but I am going to make it so much easier for you as you read all of my solutions, tips and best practices.  Let me explain what that sentence means, what is rendering and how do CPUs and video cards fit into it?

I was an early adopter of the Sony A1U at a time when people were arguing I was an idiot for even thinking I could handle the HDV codec on my computer.  I however knew that computers when built by hand allowed over clocking, multiple hard drives in RAID and to be honest, I watched as early film graduates from colleges would march into my house and demand I grab up a pen and pad and do logging on video footage.  They were so used to editing that way on computers they could simply not afford.  This seemed like the best way at that time.  It was absolutely anathema that I would simply dump a whole tape of HDV and/or DV footage and edit from there with in and outs.  I was yelled at so much.  I was however correct.  Why waste your time logging from a camera fast forwarding and rewinding, I was dumbfounded people worked that way.

I adopted the 5d Mk2 one week after it came out, I had a friend at an electronics stores called "Future Shop" that would later become Best Buy and he applied his 15% manager discount, found another 10% discount for me as along as I purchased a 50mm f1.8 lens and my total was around $3000 USD.  Amazing price and deal at that time considering the two 16gb CF cards I bought were hundreds of dollars each.  I opened my box and this was revolutionary, the A1U that I had adapted with 35mm lens adapters was simply tossed in a pile on my bedroom floor and never touched again.  I had depth of field, I had dynamic range and I had image quality.  What else though?